Sunday, October 2, 2022

Middle East’s First Robotic Restaurant Opens in Tehran

The first robotic restaurant of Iran and the Middle East has opened in the Iranian capital of Tehran with a completely digital ordering system.

RoboChef, the first interactive, robotic, and waiter-less restaurant of the Middle East, has flipped the tables on how citizens of the Iranian capital eat out.

Owner of the restaurant, Hossein Zibadel, recently told Financial Tribune that the initial goal is to help “people become familiar with modern technology, not just to watch it on television.”

Zibadel said he was surprised by the public interest in his idea. “I really didn’t expect such a great response… they waited outside for hours until they could try out our restaurant.”

The trend is quite new in the country as no other food caterers have so far offered interactive tables and robotic services; however, several other restaurant owners have tried delivering similar smart ordering systems without the pizzazz.

As restaurant technology continues to improve, industry professionals are gaining new resources for promoting their goods and services and attracting customers.

The smart restaurant system can be applied to caterers of all sizes, cafés, food courts and food stalls, no establishment is too small for implementing parts of the digital system.

Here are Mizan’s photos of the restaurant:

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