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Mesr Desert; A Gem in Central Iran

The Mesr Desert is one of Iran's most spectacular deserts that attracts many tourists each year.

The desert has good recreational facilities including safari, motorbikes and camels that give you a different experience. The desert is located 55 kilometres from the city of Khor of Isfahan province next to a village bearing the same name. The village along with its desert has a warm and dry climate.

In the summer, the climate is warm and during the cold seasons the weather is moderate. The desert is hot and sunny during the day, but it gets cold at night with the fall of temperatures.

Alongside the Mesr village, there are many other small villages in the desert; to name Amirabad, Farahzad and Garmeh.

The beautiful palm trees, bushes and sand hills have created spectacular scenery in these villages. But Garmeh is different. The presence of Dr Fish springs with therapeutic fish has attracted more tourists to this desert village.

There is also an interesting palm tree field called Burned Palm Field; which came into being during winter 40 years ago. While travelling to Mesr desert, you can stay at Maziar Al Davoud House there. Maziar Al Davood is an architect who, along with his French wife, has renovated his ancestral home and converted it into a residence.

Beyazeh is a 110-kilometre village in the countryside that attract many desert tourists due to its ancient citadel, aqueducts, the Old Jame Mosque, and the dense palm trees. Beyazeh Castle is located in this village. It is a Sassanid-era structure that has been used for centuries for housing and defense and has become a base for the followers of Hassan-i Sabbāh in the Ismaili state.

Following you can find photos of Mesr desert retrieved from different sources:

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