Saturday, December 9, 2023

local Covid vaccine producers should be supported: Raeisi

Iran’s president says local producers of coronavirus vaccines should be supported by buying their products in advance.

“In order to support the efforts made by these producers, locally-developed vaccines approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education should definitely be purchased in advance,” said Ebrahim Raeisi in a meeting of the National Coronavirus Task Force.

He described local firms’ production of COVID-19 vaccines as invaluable.

“Supporting the activities and production of vaccines by these companies is among the priorities of the government, and to that end, prepurchasing these products can further encourage them to press ahead with, and expand their activities,” the president noted.

He appreciated round-the-clock and untiring efforts by medical personnel and all those involved in countering coronavirus.

“I hope we, with the cooperation of our noble people, will be able to reach a point of certainty in containing this disease and protect people’s health by vaccinating more than 80 percent of the population,” he said.

President Raeisi urged people to avoid any move that would lead to laxity in the observance of health protocols, adding the easing of some restrictions should not cause people to regard the disease as something ordinary.

He said travel to and from the country via land, sea and air borders should be controlled.

“Given that some neighboring countries are facing a new surge in the disease, it is necessary that individuals without a negative Covid test result be prevented from crossing the borders,” he added.

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