Monday, December 4, 2023

Kayhan: Iran must not be silent in face of parties that provoke riots

A Tehran-based daily close to Principlists says the Islamic establishment in Iran should not stay silent in the face of those who set the stage for chaos in the country, as the role of Western spy services is already crystal clear in riots that occasionally hit Iranian cities.

In an article, Kayhan reacted to a wave of violent riots that broke out in different Iranian cities in the aftermath of the death of a young woman in the custody of morality police on Friday.

“Provocation of riots in Iran by the West’s intelligence services, as an add-on to the sanctions against the country, is an already familiar issue and needs no proof,” it said.

Such a policy gradually took center stage in the West after the tough sanctions on the country did not produce their desired results, it said.

“The country cannot let go of the issue [of the riots], while such incidents lead to confrontations between people and victimizes a group of them. If it does so, crimes and incidents keep taking place,” it said.

“The establishment cannot remain silent in the face of those who pave the way for clashes and cause the shedding of the blood of innocents,” the paper added.

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