Sunday, May 19, 2024

No Israeli embassy safe following Syria strike: Iran Leader’s aide

An advisor to the Supreme Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution has warned in the wake of Tel Aviv's deadly attack on Tehran’s consulate in Damascus, none of Israel's embassies all over the world is safe anymore.

Speaking in a ceremony on Sunday to mark the martyrdom of the Iranian military advisors in the Israeli regime’s attack in Damascus, Brigadier General Seyed Yahya Rahim Safavi said the missile attack on the consulate and the martyrdom of the Iranian military advisors violate all international law.

He added the presence of the Iranian advisors in Syria was legal and upon a formal invitation by the Syrian government.
The advisor to Iran’s Leader referred to the closure of 28 Israeli embassies worldwide, adding the Israeli regime does not feel safe following its raid on the Iranian mission in the Syrian capital.

Rahim Safavi went on to say the martyrdom of the Iranian military advisors has paved the way for the Islamic Republic and the Resistance Front fighters to further struggle against the US and the world arrogance.

He pointed to the regional developments particularly in Palestine, and said the Resistance Axis, led by Iran, will decide the fate of the region.

Rahim Safavi said the US and the Israeli regime which sought to change the face of the Middle East and pushed for normalization with Israel have failed in their strategy.

Touching upon the Israeli onslaught on Gaza, the Iranian General added these crimes are being perpetrated by the US support and some other Western states, and the inaction of some Arabic countries.

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