Saturday, May 25, 2024

Israel says weighing response to Iranian military operation

The Israeli military has presented a range of options to the government on how to respond to the recent Iranian missile and drone attacks, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Peter Lerner told journalists on Monday. Tehran has warned Tel Aviv against taking any retaliatory actions, urging Washington to try not to get involved in the conflict.

Tehran launched several waves of drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles at Israel over the weekend, in response to the bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus earlier this month. The strike on the consulate killed seven members of the Iranian military, including two high-ranking generals.

“Just because we were successful in intercepting, we should not underestimate what Iran did,” Lerner stated.

The Israeli government is “currently reviewing the options” after the “IDF has presented what it believes could be done”, ABC quoted the spokesman as saying. The response could entail a “strike or no strike” Lerner continued, adding that the government could make a decision as early as Monday.

Despite “emotions running high” among the Israeli leadership following the airstrikes, US President Joe Biden has urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to show restraint in an effort to avoid further military escalation, according to a senior administration official.

Tehran has warned that a military response would prompt an even bigger escalation. Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) has warned of a “much harsher response” against any further action by Israel in the aftermath of the Islamic Republic’s retaliatory operation into the occupied territories.

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