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Israel frantically seeking survival: Iran president to Syria’s Assad

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, in a phone conversation with his Syrian opposite number Bashar Al-Assad, has labeled Israel’s deadly raid on the diplomatic mission of Iran in Syria as one of the Zionist regime’s last-ditch attempts to survive.

In a telephone conversation with his Syrian counterpart on Tuesday, Raisi described Israel’s terrorist and criminal attack on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus as a sign of the depth of desperation and helplessness of the Zionist regime.

“Undoubtedly, this regime and its supporters will be punished for this terrorist act and brutal crimes in Gaza and the punishment of the perpetrators of this crime is definite and unchangeable,” Raisi added.

The president stated Iran and Syria have always considered Israel a cancerous tumor that disturbs security, peace and stability in the region and the world.

Stressing the need to strengthen regional and international cooperation between the two countries to deal with the criminality of the Israeli regime, Raisi said, “Unfortunately, the passivity and weak position caused by the fear of some Arab countries has prevented the Islamic world from adopting a united position against the Zionist regime and has caused this regime to become more brazen in committing crimes.”

He described the recent insane actions of the Zionist regime as the last struggles of this falling regime and stated, “Today, it has been proven to everyone that the criminal Zionist regime does not adhere to any of the humanitarian and international principles, and it is more unfortunate that America and some Western continues are providing financial, weaponry and media support to this regime.”

For his part, Bashar al-Assad expressed his condolences to the government and nation of Iran and the families of victims of the Israeli attack on Iran’s diplomatic building in Damascus.

“The unprecedented crime of the Zionist regime in the terrorist attack on the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not only a violation of international laws, but also shows the height of insolence and moral degeneration of this regime and the series of aggression and criminality in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria,” he stated.

The Syrian president added the Zionist regime seeks to escape from the predicament it is caught in by the Palestinian Islamic resistance in Gaza, and emphasized the need to support the axis of resistance and punish this criminal regime.

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