Islamic Remedies for Skin Illumination, Youth

An Iranian university professor has presented some Islamic remedies to restore youth to the skin.

Kamran Oveisi, who is the deputy director of Al-Taha University’s Quran and Science Research Centre, says skin health is one of the few issues that Islamic scholars have not paid close attention to.

In a Farsi interview with Young Journalists Club, the Assistant Professor at University of Medical Sciences of Iranian Army added that the beauty and health of the skin is divided into two important categories: polishing and softening the skin, as well as preventing and treating dermatological problems.

“According to some Islamic narratives, the use of melons is advised for skin cleansing, removal of pregnancy freckles, dark pigmentation, and even the reduction of boils.”

Oveisi quoted some narratives from the Fourteen Infallibles [Prophet Muhammad and his grandsons] as saying that raisins are useful for improving memory while they polish the body and skin color.

Quoting a narrative from Imam Ali (AS) regarding the usefulness of raisins for skin health, Oveisi said it is best for a person to eat 21 red raisins in a fasting mode.

Referring to a well-known quote by Imam Kadhim (AS), he said to have a young, delicate and clear skin, especially in older ages, one must have fruits.

“Most religious advice and narratives for the treatment and beauty of skin are focused on consumption of fruits and vegetables,” he concluded.

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