Iran’s President Unveils New COVID-19 Restrictions

Iran's President Unveils New COVID-19 Restrictions

President Hassan Rouhani has unveiled countrywide plans for a new round of restrictions to break the transmission of the coronavirus pandemic by categorizing more than 100 cities as red zones.

Addressing a Saturday session of the National Coronavirus Headquarters, President Rouhani said the new restrictions for the battle with COVID-19 will come into force on November 21.

Details of the new scheme would be finalized this week and the restrictions will be in effect until the eradication of the pandemic, even in the next Iranian year, the president said, noting that the Health Ministry and the executive base of the National Coronavirus Headquarters have the main responsibility to carry out the plan.

President Rouhani reiterated that the only option for people is to take care of themselves, their families and friends.

Although the restrictions entail closure of certain businesses and punishments, this is indeed a warning to people that the circumstances are delicate, he said.

In separate comments, the spokesperson for the National Coronavirus Headquarters said more than 100 cities will be categorized as high-risk red zones under the new program, meaning restrictions on the businesses and activities of the occupation categories 2, 3, and 4.

The limitations enforced in the orange zones would apply to 150 cities, while at least 155 other towns will come into the category of yellow zones with low risk of coronavirus, the spokesperson added.

According to the new restrictions in the areas categorized as red zone, only a third of the employees will be allowed to leave home for work purposes, and road travels (entering and leaving the zone) would be also limited.

The death toll from the novel coronavirus in Iran has surpassed 40,000 and the number of cases of infection has exceeded 740,000. Nearly 550,000 patients have recovered from the disease in Iran or been discharged from the hospital.

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