Thursday, September 29, 2022

Trump Disclosing US Secret Policies: Iran’s Top Lawmaker

A distinctive characteristic of US President Donald Trump is that he lays bare the White House’s secret policies, speaker of the Iranian Parliament Ali Larijani says.

Addressing a Sunday session of the Parliament, Larijani said the US administration has come under the control of a president who is displaying the true face of the White House’s policies to the world.

“The explicit announcement of the most secret policies of the White House is one of his (Trump’s) characteristics,” Larijani noted, saying Trump has made it clear recently that the US is after Syria’s oil and is keeping a number of troops in Syria’s oil-rich regions.

What matters to the US is Syria’s oil, not the conflict between the Kurdish and Turkish forces, Larijani added.

“Such shameful remarks (by Trump) have been made by the president of a regime which is always concerned about human rights in the countries thinking independently. It seems that Trump does not understand that Syria’s soil and oil belong to the Syrian government and people, and that the US has no right to intend to plunder that country by violating its territories,” the Iranian speaker noted.

Pointing to the US government and army’s brazen plot to take control of Iraq’s oil resources, Larijani said the honorable Iraqi leaders and religious authorities and the grown Iraqi people thwarted Washington’s plans.

Taking control of the oil resources in the Middle East and the oil-rich countries has been a secret policy of the US, the Iranian speaker noted, stressing that the US has no humanitarian feelings for people of Syria, Iraq, Iran or the other regional states.

The meaning of Trump’s remarks at this juncture is that the US government does not care about the Iranian nation and is only after the Iranian oil in the same way that it disregards the Kurds, Turks, and Arabs and only seeks to control their oil, he added.

“Such remarks by the US president lay bare the anti-human image of that regime,” the speaker added, advising the American officials to do something about disclosure of their plans by Trump instead of sympathizing with the Iranian nation.

The US government’s anti-human and colonialist policies are being uncovered by Trump, Larijani added.

“The US presidents have resorted to acts of adventurism since the beginning, supported the separatists, and encouraged Saddam to attack Iran. They (Americans) supported the terrorists and forced them to commit crimes against the (Iranian) nation. They (Americans) harbored them (terrorists) and imposed various sanctions against people (of Iran), and rudely described such crimes as friendship with the Iranian nation,” he deplored.

The Iranian people have stood against the US since they saw no sincerity in the words and deeds of the American leaders, Larijani added.

Speaker of the Iranian Parliament also said the US administration has resorted to foolish behavior in order to plunge the Middle East into chaos and take control of the region’s oil resources.

Regional disorder would allow the US to try new acts of adventurism and attain its evil objectives in case of a failure to control the region’s oil, he warned.

The Iranian speaker also expressed confidence that the new US plot for stealing the region’s oil will receive a harsh response from the vigilant people of the region in the same way that they crushed the US government’s protégé, namely the ISIS terrorist group.

In remarks on Thursday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad hailed Donald Trump as the “best American president” for his “transparency” regarding his stated desire to maintain US control of Syria’s lucrative oil fields.

Trump announced in October that “a small number of US troops will remain” in Syria to safeguard the oil-rich Deir ez-Zor province, despite his directive to evacuate the last American forces from the northern parts of Syria.


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