Iran’s former FM warns of Israel’s plot to drag US into war against Iran

Iran’s former foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warns that Israel is bent on expanding the war it’s waged on Gaza.

Zarif noted that the number 1 goal of Tel Aviv is to drag the US into a war on Iran, which he described as the Israeli regime’s long-time dream.

Zarif said Israel’s former prime minister Ariel Sharon once visited Washington to persuade the US to attack Iran instead of Iraq.

He cited Sharon as telling US officials that “the right target” was Tehran, not Baghdad.

Zarif stressed that the US declined to attack Iran because it knew it would be confronted by the Iranian people.

Elsewhere in his comments, Zarif further said no matter what Israel does, it can no longer restore its image of invincibility after the October 7 attack by resistance fighters from Gaza.

Zarif said founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran Imam Khomeini was the pioneer in shattering that image and that Palestinians are beholden to him for their victory.

The former top Iranian diplomat said as long as occupation persists, defense against it is legitimate.

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