Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Iran’s Development to Continue Despite Sanctions: Vaezi

A senior Iranian official says the country will continue its development despite all the sanctions and pressures imposed by the United States.

“Despite the sanctions and unprecedented pressures the trend of development and launching infrastructural projects continues,” the Iranian President’s Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi said on Tuesday night in a meeting with economic activists and entrepreneurs of Ardabil Province

Stressing the need “to join hands for the development of Iran”, Vaezi said “thanks to the nation’s resistance, we have survived a difficult situation and things are now changing in Iran’s favour.”

“The US and the Zionist regime have come to the conclusion that sanctions won’t fulfill their goals. Most countries in the world reproach the US for leaving JCPOA. The US has withdrawn its preconditions and asks for negotiations without any preconditions, but the Islamic Republic stresses that first they should deliver their commitments [under JCPOA],” he added.

“In spite of creating harsh conditions for the government and the nation, the US sanctions have also brought us blessings and advantages. The sanctions proved that the Iranian industry is able to stand on its own feet and today the country’s needs are met by our manufacturers, competent youths, and domestic knowledge-based companies.” Vaezi added, referring to the intensification of sanctions and unprecedented economic pressures exerted by the “enemies” since last year with the aim of bringing the Iranian nation to their knees.

Vaezi stated that the Iranian government spares no effort to make the process of the development continue and infrastructural projects to come on stream, and to get this aim fulfilled, banks and economic enterprises have been mobilized to support and activate the private sector.

He also said that Iran’s non-oil exports are on the rise with a growing trend despite the US sanctions on the country.

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