Thursday, September 29, 2022

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Amir Nezam Garousi Mansion

The mansion of Amir Nezam Garousi is one of the most attractive historical buildings in the city of Tabriz in East Azarbaijan province, northwestern Iran.

The mansion has now turned into a museum showcasing items belonging to the Qajar era. It was built during the time when Amir Nezam Garousi was an advisor to Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, the King of Persia from September 5, 1848 to May 1, 1896 when he was assassinated.

After the fall of the Qajar dynasty, the Pahlavi regime used the building as the Treasury Department.

Constructed on a plot of land measuring 3,000 sqm, the two-storey edifice has a built-up area of 1,500 sqm. The building has two inside and outside yards with gardens and ponds; which have added to the mansion’s beauty, a report by the Persian-language Hamshahri Online said.

Sixteen columns with beautiful column heads support the porch of building. On the top floor, windows decorated with coloured glass as well as beautiful plaster and mirror work make the mansion all the more attractive.

The large “pond room” with exquisite architecture in the basement makes it one of the most beautiful parts of the building.

The house was purchased by the Cultural Heritage Organization in 1991. Given the serious damage the building had suffered, it was restored and reconstructed; while taking care that the mansion’s architectural and traditional features are preserved.

What follows are photos of Amir Nezam Garousi Mansion retrieved from various sources:

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