Thursday, September 29, 2022

Iranians Ready to Negotiate, but Not under Pressure: Omani FM

Oman’s Foreign Minister Yusuf Bin Alawi says he learned from his recent visit to Tehran that the Islamic Republic is open to talks with the US but not under pressure.

Speaking in a Wednesday interview with BBC Arabic, bin Alawi said the Iranians are prepared to talk about their foreign policy, but under different circumstances and not under pressure.

He further noted that his country does not play the role of a mediator between Iran and the United States, but Muscat is very worried about the current situation and believes with the help of others the current tension in the region can be controlled.

“At the same time, we think the two sides, i.e. Iran and the US, along with their friends have realised that the current tension may lead to disaster and, of course, may end with an agreement,” underlined Bin Alawi.

“Everyone knows that if the situation worsens, the rest of the world will also be damaged and its repercussions are not measurable.”

Bin Alawi also mentioned that Iran and the United States both have the military and command capability to prevent this. It has been shown in the last 40 years. Both the Iranian and American navies have been very well established in the Persian Gulf.

“I am not worried about their usual mistakes. I am worried about the mistakes that may put the entire region on fire. In my visit to Tehran, I saw that US sanctions are unpardonable. The Iranians are prepared to talk about their foreign policy, but in different circumstances and not under pressure,” he went on to say.

He underscored that the United States and the (P)GCC countries should realise that blaming each other is a very dangerous game.

Bin Alawi paid a surprise visit to Tehran on Monday, during which he discussed regional developments with Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif.

In a statement, Iran’s Foreign Ministry said the two sides had discussed bilateral ties, along with “the latest regional and international developments”.

Tensions have recently mounted between Tehran and Washington with the US deploying a carrier strike group to the Persian Gulf citing “intelligence” of an imminent Iranian attack on US interests in the region.

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