Iranian Woman Weightlifter-cum-Nurse Helping COVID-19 Patients

Iranian Woman Weightlifter-cum-Nurse Helping COVID-19 Patients

An Iranian woman weightlifter, who has attended international contests for the first time, has now rolled up her sleeves to help fight the coronavirus.

Poopak Bastami says she works as a nurse as well.

“I have been a nurse for seven years now,” she says.

“Before taking up weightlifting, I worked at hospitals,” she adds.

“Since February 22, 2020 when the situation began to become critical, I have been here to help,” she said.

“I myself liked to study Physical Education, but due to my family’s insistence, especially my mother, I took up Experimental Sciences [at school.]” she says.

“I both studied and began training as a weightlifter.”

“The condition at hospital is not very good, but we hope it will get better,” she says, adding people are contributing heavily to the campaign against the coronavirus.

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She also urges people to abide by health directives and stay at home to help contain the spread of the disease.

She says both nursing and weightlifting are hard, and have their fun points as well. She says saving a person’s life is as sweet as lifting a weight.

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