Thursday, September 29, 2022

Iranian Researcher Develops Robot that Makes Potteries

An Iranian researcher has managed to develop a robot that makes pottery and prints various designs on it.

The inventor of the robot, Kamrad Naqibi, says the techniques and mechanisms used in designing the robot enable it to move in three directions.

According to him, the robot has a lift mechanism as well as a wheel and gripper.

Naqibi said pottery is one of the first and most important human industries whose history in Iran goes back to a thousand years ago.

“Prehistoric man used the machinery to make pottery till the potter’s wheel was invented. However, along with the advancement of technology in modern times and the development of knowledge in all fields of art and industry, pottery was also upgraded,” added the inventor.

The history of the art of pottery in Iran goes back to ancient times. When agriculture came into existence and cultivation started in Iran by primitive races, people made utensils of baked clay in order to meet their needs.

Fingerprints of primitives in Iran can be seen on relics.

Simple earthenware was gradually decorated with geometric designs. Studying the designs shows us that ancient Iranians were skilful also in designing earthenware. Iran can be called the birthplace of designed earthenware utensils. Designing earthenware in the country started about 4,000 BCE.

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