Friday, October 7, 2022

Iranian Pottery Artists Hold Collective Gallery

A group of Iranian pottery artists have held a collective gallery named “expansion” in the capital Tehran, with their main goal being promoting ceramic art across the country.

The main feature of the gallery being held in the Iranian Artist Forum is the common surreal outlook among the pieces.

Over the past years, given the willingness of Iranian artists to use ceramic materials in pottery as an artistic style, a new wave of ceramic art pieces have been emerged.

These pieces have managed to grab attentions, due to the long history of pottery art in Iran and the Iranian nation’s interests in such materials.

The pieces showcased in the gallery reveal that the new trends are going beyond traditional and contemporary outlooks in Iran. The colorful combination of the pieces has created some unique forms.

The trends come from various intellectual backgrounds. Now, independent curators are showing great interests in following the new trends.

Expansion Gallery is underway in Tehran from December 21 to January 1.

First section of gallery is titled “Change of Idea”: The section includes pieces of three artists who have put together special pieces of pottery revealing special concepts.

Second section is Pluralism: Most of the artists have showcased their pieces in this section. The section includes various ceramic forms with various combinations in terms of colors and contents.

Third Section is named Worry: This section deals with environment crises like animals’ extinctions.

Fourth Section is named Utopia: This section deals with the links between identity and geographical locations.

Below you can watch a collection of photos of the gallery retrieved from Honaronline:

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