Friday, October 7, 2022

Iranian Politicians Advised to Watch HBO’s Chernobyl

An advisor to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has invited all politicians to watch the HBO’s latest TV series Chernobyl.

Hessamoddin Ashna has asked political figures to see the American mini-series that has become very popular among viewers across the world.

Rarely ever has a politician in Iran invited his peers to watch a foreign TV series. Basically, Iranian politicians are not closely associated with the domain of films and cinema, especially of the Hollywood type, and even if they are, they keep it under their hats and are unwilling to reveal their interest.

Unlike local politicians, media have a lot of information about foreign politicians’ tendency to watch TV series. For instance, former US President Barack Obama likes “Homeland” among political TV series. Hillary and Bill Clinton say they are fond of “House of Cards.”

But how come Ashna has invited politicians, statesmen and government authorities to watch an American TV series? He explains why he has made this recommendation.

“I said it would be very suitable for politicians, statesmen and government officials to watch and learn lessons from the Chernobyl mini-series. The essence of my recommendation is this important question: What is the price for [telling] lies?”

“Some have disregarded my recommendation and some have ridiculed it … The point is, we will face communications problemswhile managing a crisis in order to handlethat crisis, and the only efficient solution will be consultation, straightforwardness, precision and listening well to those who enjoy enough knowledge and experience … In the great and small events such as earthquakes, the conflagration at Plasco building, the recent flooding, as well as major decisions made during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran in the 1980s or during the nuclear talks, together with forex policies and electoral differences, we have always faced people who have tried to secure their positions by kissing up to, or ensuring the consent and calm of higher-up officials. In this path, they are ready to mix the truth and lies. Of course, there are others who, without having an eye on short-term interests and by remaining committed to long-term interests, tell the truth, even if their words go unheard, or even if they are accused or turned away.

Chernobyl is a British-American mini-TV series with five episodes. It has a historical-drama genre. The TV serial went on the air in the United States on May 6, 2019 and in Britain a day later.

The TV-series depicts the true story of one of human disasters in history. It is an account of men and women who bravely sacrificed their lives to save Europe form an unimaginable catastrophe.

This short series focuses on deep human feelings and features the disaster that occurred at a nuclear power station in Ukraine in the former Soviet Union in 1986. The film explains why and how the disaster happened and also touches upon the moving stories of other heroes who made struggles in that path and lost their lives.

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