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Iranian MPs Urge IAEA to Remain Impartial

Iranian lawmakers have criticized the recent moves and remarks made by the IAEA director general, stressing that the Agency is required to be unbiased in fulfilling its responsibilities.

A number of Iranian parliamentarians have censured the recent moves and statements by Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano, urging the IAEA to maintain impartiality in carrying out its responsibilities.

According to a Farsi report by ICANA, earlier, Amano, in an exclusive interview with The Wall Street Journal, claimed that in 2016 Iran was in two times close to violating its nuclear deal commitments on heavy water production.

Amano said in case those who buy Iran’s heavy water in the US and other countries refuse to continue their purchase, Iran will surpass the 130-metric-ton threshold for heavy water [production] which was agreed upon under its nuclear agreement with the sextet.

He added Iran has maintained its capacity to produce 1.5 metric tons of heavy water per annum, claiming there is a risk that this would lead to a violation of the country’s nuclear commitments in the future.

Amano noted that in case Iran continues its heavy water production, the country’s reserves will reach the threshold of 130 metric tons.


Politically-Motivated Stance

In reaction to Amano’s remarks concerning the possibility of Iran violating the JCPOA due to its exceeding of the limits on heavy water, the Iranian parliamentarian, Hossein Naqavi-Hosseini, said the statements made by the IAEA director general and his stance towards the issue are politically-oriented, as other signatories to the nuclear deal have violated the JCPOA several times in recent years, whereas, the responsible organizations and bodies have adopted no particular stance towards their nonfulfillment of their commitments.

“Currently, Western countries are the ones who are accused of violating the JCPOA due to their failure to honour their promises. Nevertheless, raising such vague issues and accusing Iran of breaching the deal, by the IAEA, will only change the international community’s attitude towards Iran and, thus, impacts the country’s foreign relations.

He added instead of adopting political approaches towards Iran, the IAEA is required to be unbiased in fulfilling its responsibilities.


Blame Is on West

Commenting on Amano’s remarks, another Iranian MP, Mohammad Ebrahim Rezaei, said a number of Western countries seek to pretend that Iran is violating the nuclear deal by broadcasting negative propaganda against the country.

“Since the going into effect of the JCPOA, the IAEA has exercised careful and strict supervision over Iran’s nuclear program and carried out frequent inspections of the country’s nuclear facilities and centres [in this period].”

He said over the past few months, the IAEA has, for several times, confirmed that Iran is committed to the implementation of the nuclear deal’s contents, adding this is while, the same organization is incapable of publically announcing that the Western signatories to the JCPOA have frequently breached the agreement and continue to lack firm commitment to fulfilling their promises with regard to the deal.

Led by the US, the IAEA seeks to put the ball of non-commitment to the JCPOA in Iran’s court, as the international community and public opinion have complaints about the US failure to fulfil its promises about the implementation of the JCPOA.


Escape Forward

Expounding on the statements made by the IAEA’s director general, the Iranian lawmaker, Mohammad-Javad Abtahi, said Amano’s remarks are efforts to escape forward.

“The IAEA’s move and statements are aimed at justifying the US, as well as some western nations’, conspicuous nonfulfillment of its commitments on the implementation of the JCPOA.”

He stressed that, definitely, Iranian officials should give a strong response to Amano’s remarks as, apparently, by making such moves and statements, the IAEA and the US aim to evaluate Iran’s reaction.

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