Iranian MP under fire for ‘detestable’ behavior before teachers

An Iranian member of parliament has been the target of sharp rebukes for his ‘arrogant’ behavior in a meeting with some teachers who were complaining about their living and work conditions.

Asr-e Iran news website, in an article on Tuesday, blamed the Guardian Council’s ‘malfunctioning’ vetting system that is tasked with qualifying the candidates for parliamentary elections.

Alireza Monadi in a video, that has gone viral, is seen ignoring the teachers while they are letting him in on their problems by eating nuts, swiveling in his chair or reading some papers on his desk.
Many have likened his conceited behavior to a feudal landlord who looks down on peasants.

Asr-e Iran also wrote Monadi, who only received 90,000 votes in the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz with a population of over 1.6 million people, is the result of the of faulty vetting that has made the elections non-competitive by filtering out competent candidates.

“In competitive elections with high turnout and with the role of parties and elites, people like Alireza Monadi Sefidan have no chance to get in (to the parliament), and even if they do and they behave like this, the parties and their affiliated organization will force them to apologize,” the website noted.

Asr-e Iran, in conclusion, called for opening up the space for more candidates so people can have a wider range to choose from.

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