Sunday, December 10, 2023

Iranian man threatening mum with autistic kid arrested

Authorities have arrested an Iranian man who has insulted and threatened a woman with a Down Syndrome child in broad daylight in central Tehran.

The woman has thanked the Iranian judicial authorities for arresting him.

The woman appreciated Tehran’s Prosecutor Mr. Salehi for ordering the arrest of the man who called her names while she was inside her car along with her autistic kid.

Reports say the man was angry with the woman because she wanted to park her car in an area designated for the disabled.

She said that she had been told it would take several months to go after the man, adding, “To my surprise, he got captured in 24 hours”.

Authorities quickly identified him after a video shot by the woman with her cell phone ricocheted around social media showing an angry person repeatedly threatening the person taking the film.

In the footage, the man uses swear words against the woman and goes, “I would cut you in half were it not for the kid beside you”.

He also damaged her car. In the background, the woman’s voice is heard trying to calm down her child.

Authorities have withheld the identity of the man. The video has caused outrage nationwide.

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