Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman calls anti-Iran channel’s relocation to US “puppetry”

The spokesman of Iran’s Foreign Ministry has dismissed the relocation of Saudi-funded anti-Iran television channel Iran International to the US as “puppetry”, a “new show” and “division of work” among intelligence services of several countries.

Nasser Kanaani described Iran International as “quasi-media”, saying the channel’s performance shows it serves as an operational and even training arm to incite and stoke rioting and instability in Iran.

Kanaani noted that Iran International has been reduced to a terrorist entity given that it gives a platform to notorious members of terrorist and separatist groups.

He also said the developments surrounding the channel show that it’s being run by several countries including Britain.

Kanaani underlined that even the relocation of Iran International to the US will not mitigate the responsibility of the states that fund and support the network, especially the British government.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman then said the US government must know that hosting a terrorist quasi-media outlet will have legal and international implications.
Kanaani said Iran reserves the right to pursue the issue and take necessary measures in this regard.

Iran International says it’s relocating its regular programming to its US premises in fear of quote security threats from Iran.

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