Sunday, June 26, 2022

Iranian Firm Manufactures Smart Electricity Metres

An Iranian knowledge-based company has managed to produce energy metres that are on a par with European counterparts in terms of quality, but at a much lower price.

The new generation of metres, produced by Afzar Azma Electronic Company, have two-way interconnectivity with the centre and are known as GPRS metres.

They are more expensive than the normal ones, but of course, with higher efficiency. 400,000 of this type of electricity metres are currently installed by this knowledge-based company in various regions of Iran, and this figure will increase in the future thanks to its efficient use of energy, especially in the Iranian agricultural industry.

Some metres are designed for single phase power at home while others are suitable for three phase industrial powers.

Afzar Azma has been the largest electricity metre manufacturer in Iran and the region for almost 40 years. It produces both types of electricity metres. Smart three phase CTPT is the company’s latest product.

Earlier a Malaysian prototype was used exclusively in Iran, but Afzar Azma managed to win a recent tender offer to provide high-quality metres for one-tenth of the Malaysian sample’s price.

This knowledge-based company claims that it can offer its products even with a 30% lower price than the European model.

“We can produce about six million units a year,” says the company’s CEO, adding that 12 million metres have been installed across Iran so far and none of them were returned.

“We use anti-flammable polycarbonate body and produce almost all the necessary parts except some electronic components in our factory. We have exported 200,000 metres to Afghanistan since 1993. However, because of the sanctions, we have not been able to expand our exports, even though our product is as high-quality as European and American ones and less expensive than the Asians.”

He added the company has a full capacity for export, having received certificates from the Netherlands and approvals by all domestic users.

“About 90% of the domestic market is in our control. Considering the current state of sanctions, our target market for exports are Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Oman. There is a representative of us based in Afghanistan and Lebanon, and besides we participate at exhibitions in these countries once a year. Nevertheless, the company is ready to export products at competitive prices to all countries,” concluded Afzar Azma’s CEO.

Iran’s Energy Ministry’s national smart metreing program is aiming to monitor the electricity consumption across the country, especially among the large-scale subscribers.

The Islamic Republic is facing a rising demand for electricity and the Energy Ministry has been following new policies in recent years to manage the consumption to lessen electricity losses in the national grid.

Adjusting consumption patterns and also electricity tariffs has been suggested as practical solutions to reduce electricity consumption in Iran.

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