Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Iranian Firm Develops Herbal Antibiotics for Humans, Livestock

An Iranian knowledge-based company has successfully developed herbal antibiotics, in the forms of ointments and sprays, for both humans and livestock, and is now looking forward to expand its range of products with support from the country’s Innovation and Prosperity Fund.

Having made great strides in producing ointment, cream, topical solution and spray for humans and livestock, the leading pharmaceutical company now focuses on producing edible solutions.

The company already produces cattle antibiotics, as well as edible products for poultry.

Some 85 percent of the company’s products are herbal-based and 15 percent are chemical. The herbal medications are all products of years of research and experiments by the company.

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The company operates under the supervision of Iran’s Food and Drug Administration and Qom University of Medical Sciences. The products are regularly exported to a host of countries.

In addition to its unrivaled herbal products, the company’s chemical products match their foreign counterparts in terms of quality for a fraction of the price.

For example, the company’s antibiotic spray costs about 85 to 95 cents, while the Chinese type, which is of inferior quality, is priced at $5.2.

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