Saturday, March 2, 2024

Iranian daily: Israel’s F-35 fleet legitimate target for retaliation

Iran has the right within the international law to launch a retaliatory attack against the Israeli positions after its military advisors in Syria were assassinated on Saturday, an Iranian daily argues.

Khorassan wrote in its Monday edition that Iran needs to revise its protection and security measures, without giving the enemy the opportunity to make dangerous moves.

“The response to a terror campaign is not effective except by direct attacks on some military and special sectors of the Zionist regime,” the daily wrote.

Khorassan further noted, “Due to Israel’s direct attack on the advisory forces, Iran has this international right to direct response. The response must be integrated and even simultaneous.”

It added that the resistance forces have previously targeted the Israeli regime’s F-35 fighter jets’ bases in the port city of Eilat and other areas in the occupied territories, calling on Iran to carry out the same strikes.

Five Iranian military advisors were recently killed in an Israeli air raid on the Syrian capital, Damascus.

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