Saturday, March 2, 2024

Iranian daily: Why don’t you show flexibility toward protesters?

Iran’s Jomhouri Eslami daily, in an article, has called for flexibility toward protesters, amid unrest and riots that began in mid-September in Iran.

“In the heat of the unrest that still continues in parts of the country, it was expected that our rulers take practical steps to show flexibility toward the protesters and pave the way for removal of existing problems. Can a management that shows no flexibility ever, prevent the continuation of unrest?” the daily said.

“If one is to distinguish between protesters and rioters, the main solution is that their legitimate and legal demands should be met. How one can regard lack of action for settlement of certain economic problems, as listening to their demabds?”

The daily also took a swipe at some comments by officials saying they seem to be suggesting that “everything is fine and there is no problem hurdling a comfortable life”, stressing that facts suggest otherwise.

“If the excellencies come out of their closed-door decision-making rooms and abandon their special salaries and benefits and use an income at people’s level and among them, and refer to public offices like ordinary people and away from the positions they hold and rent, they will come to realize that the society is brimming with discontent,” the daily said.

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