Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Iranian Artist Designs Badge to Appreciate Nurses’ Efforts against COVID-19

An Iranian artists has created a work of art to appreciate the efforts of nurses who are risking their lives to take care of COVID-19 patients.

Javad Bakhtiari, who is an acclaimed calligrapher, has developed a special badge to express gratitude for the nurses’ pains during the past few months.

He has joined the campaign called “Mashahonar” to create works of art for the people locked down during the coronavirus pandemic.

As pat of the campaign, a group of artists from various disciplines announced they would produce works of art for people who endure the tough conditions of home quarantine amid the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Javad Bakhtiari is a prominent Iranian calligrapher who has studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at University of Tehran, and also holds a PhD in art history from the United States.

Despite studying painting, he was fascinated by Nastaliq calligraphy and received a master’s degree in Nastaliq calligraphy. His paintings and drawings have been very popular in the past decades.

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