Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Iran to Surpass US to Become World’s Top Pistachio Producer Again

An Iranian official says the country is expected to produce 310,000 tonnes of pistachio in the current Iranian calendar year, surpassing the United Stated to once again become the world’s biggest pistachio producer.

General Manager of the Department of Winter and Dry Fruits of Iran’s Agriculture Ministry, Shokrollah Hajivand says Iran produced 304,000 tonnes of pistachio in the past year and the figure is expected to increase by about 2 percent this year.

“According to a study, the pistachio production in the United States is estimated at 270,000 tonnes (in 2017), and Iran is predicted to produce 310,000 tonnes to stand first in production of pistachio once again.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Hajivand referred to the export amount of this product saying that the volume of pistachio export in the four months leading to July 2017 is 16,660 tonnes, and since pistachio harvest has begun, exports will increase in the coming months.

“Last year, the export of pistachio stood at 138,000 tonnes, worth $1,271 million. But during the first four months of this year, there was a 40 percent decrease in the value of exports due to the lack of pistachio supply,” Hajivand concluded.

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