Friday, February 3, 2023

Iran Welcomes Baghdad-Erbil Talks: Spokesman

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman says the Islamic Republic welcomes domestic negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil.

In a statement on Monday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi embraced local talks between the Iraqi central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

“Iraqi leaders and people have, through rapport and unity, secured invaluable achievements in countering terrorism and liberating territories occupied by ISIS, and now in the new phase, through understanding and brotherhood and via constructive domestic talks, they will be able to take greater steps on the path to stability and lasting security, which are a precursor to Iraq’s reconstruction and development,” said the spokesman.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a neighbouring country and friend of Iraq, while understanding the common destiny of the regional nations, wishes success for the Iraqi government and people, and as before, would like to have very good relations with all political, social, religious and ethnic sectors in Iraq, and in the new phase, stands ready like before to share all its experiences and potential with the Iraqi government and nation to contribute to the country’s prosperity and reconstruction,” Qassemi added.

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