Iran Warns against Plots Aimed at Straining Tehran-Paris Ties

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has sounded the alarm over plots aimed at straining relations between Tehran and Paris.

Qassemi gave the warning in reaction to a statement by three ministers of the French government in which they accused an Iranian diplomat of being involved in an act of sabotage planned in a gathering of terrorists in Paris, leading to the diplomat’s arrest.

“Once again, we reject the accusations and allegations [levelled against the diplomat], and express the Islamic Republic of Iran’s strong objection to the apprehension of the Iranian diplomat,” said Qassemi, calling for his immediate release

The spokesman said the whole scenario is a conspiracy aimed at tarnishing the good and growing relations between Iran and Europe, and is in line with the objectives of the US and Israeli regime and managed by a terrorist group residing in France.

The spokesman then touched upon Iran’s fundamental policy of condemning any terrorist activity.

“The existing documents reveal the clear role of dissidents, ill-wishers and saboteurs in this farcical show. So, we ask French authorities to be realistic toward the Islamic Republic of Iran, and once again warn about the evil hands of ill-wishers that aim to ruin the age-old ties between Iran and France and other influential European countries,” he noted.

Qassemi’s reaction came after an Iranian diplomat was arrested over accusations by some French authorities that he had been involved in planning an act of sabotage along with terrorists in Paris.

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