Iran Urges World to Defy US Sanctions amid Coronavirus Outbreak


Iran has called on the international community not to abide by US sanctions on the Islamic Republic to help the Islamic Republic in its fight against the coronavirus.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said Iran should be given access to its own assets at least.

“At least, we expect the international community and independent countries to defy the United States’ unilateral sanctions in this complicated situation, and allow Iran to gain access to its assets in order to tackle the repercussions of the coronavirus outbreak,” said Mousavi in a video press conference Monday.

The spokesman also said foreign nationals in Iran infected with COVID-19 can have access to the same medical services as Iranians for treatment.

“Non-Iranian nationals, including visitors and residents, who contract the coronavirus in Iran, will receive medical treatment like Iranian nationals without any discrimination,” he said.

Mousavi also expressed sympathy with countries gripped by the pandemic.

“The Iranian nation would not be happy to see the suffering of anybody; we sympathize with all citizens of countries affected by the coronavirus,” he said.

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  1. I Dont believe a word.Iran is covering up what they plan to do with gaining access to their assets.By making an emotional appeal in order to gain money not to benefit their people but rather to fund weapons and their terrorist groups.The U. S is doing the right thing with sanctions against Iran.It seems that they are trying to open another door into lifting sanctions by trying to turn other countries against the U.S.Nice try and I hope no countries listen to their schemes


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