Iran welcomes UN chief’s invoking of Article 99 of UNSC Charter

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry welcomed Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, utilizing his powers under Article 99 of the United Nations Charter to urge the UN Security Council to halt the Israeli regime's attacks in Gaza.

Nasser Kanaani stated: “As highlighted by the Secretary-General in his letter, the severity of the attacks in Gaza, the targeting of civilians—especially children and women—the destruction of civilian infrastructure, including hospitals, and the forced displacement of a significant portion of Gaza’s population to other areas within the strip, pose a threat to both peace and regional security.”

Kanaani regarded the Secretary-General’s plea to the UN Security Council to stop the Zionist regime’s assaults and facilitate immediate and comprehensive relief for the people of Gaza as a wholly appropriate action in line with the top UN official’s legal duties and authority.

Regarding the information outlined in the Secretary-General’s letter to the chairman of the Security Council, illustrating the grave deterioration in Gaza, Kanaani stressed the urgent need for all pertinent governments and international bodies to take swift and concerted action to halt the occupying regime’s attacks and crimes and to provide support to the oppressed people of Gaza.

He emphasized that the primary responsibility for this lies with the United Nations Security Council, which holds clear legal obligations to promptly prevent aggression and threats against international peace and security.

Kanaani called for the UN Security Council swift action to that end.

Kanaani underlined: “The precarious situation in Gaza, amid the continuous war crimes and genocide perpetrated against Palestinians by the Zionist regime, and its legal dimensions, presents a clear and immediate threat to regional and global peace and security. It necessitates prompt and decisive action by the Security Council, which cannot evade or delay its responsibilities on any grounds.”

He reiterated: “Any compromise, delay, or inaction by the Security Council in this matter equates to endorsing and emboldening the criminal forces of the occupying regime to further perpetrate killings of Gazans, widen the destruction of their properties, intensify displacement, and exacerbate the suffering of over two million Palestinians residing in Gaza. It signifies complicity in these crimes.”

He added: “The Islamic Republic of Iran underscores that phrases like ‘humanitarian pause’ amount to mere rhetoric that postpones but does not halt the occupation force’s crimes. Therefore, the only effective action anticipated from the Security Council is its immediate, explicit decision compelling the Israeli regime to cease all its attacks and military actions promptly and entirely in Gaza, the West Bank of Palestine, and against other regional countries.”

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