Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Iran to Replace European, American Pharmaceuticals with Indians

Iranian Minister of Health and Medical Education Hassan Qazizadeh Hashemi says Tehran must change its traditional approach towards European and US companies for buying pharmaceuticals, stressing that such a change would definitely benefit the country in the future.

Referring to India’s pharmaceutical capabilities, Hashemi said New Delhi is one of the major powers in the field of medicine, raw materials and vaccines.

“A major part of the European and US markets is dominated by the Indian pharmaceutical companies, and the Islamic Republic has also used their products in its industries,” Hashemi said at the end of a three-day visit to India.

“Unfortunately, our approach towards the European and US companies is a traditional one that should change. This change of view will surely benefit the country in the future,” he underlined.

Indian officials are really interested in promoting all-inclusive ties with Iran, he said, as reported by the government’s official website

“To counter the sanctions imposed on Iran and the nation, it is a great opportunity to make use of cost-effective and economical talents. We must use this chance to improve our domestic products. Iran and all the region, of course, are a very good market for India.”

He further maintained that during this visit he held a lot of meetings and discussions with the Indian authorities, the ministers of commerce, health and traditional medicine, as well as the banks and pharmaceutical companies of India.

“India, like the Eastern Bloc countries, has a great chance to develop all-out ties with Iran. These countries can contribute to the development of the Islamic Republic, the advancement of technology and the independence of Iran in various fields,” added the Iranian minister.

Global Summit on Maternal and Child Healthcare was held in India with the presence of a large number of health ministers.

Qazizadeh Hashemi along with representatives from the private sector in the field of medicine and pharmaceutical products held meetings with 50 Indian companies during the 3-day visit.

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