Saturday, December 9, 2023

Iran Summons UK Envoy to Protest Dominic Raab’s Accusations over Ship Attack

The Iranian foreign ministry has summoned the British charge d’affaires in Tehran to protest the anti-Iran accusations by the British foreign secretary regarding the attack on the Israeli-managed oil tanker off Oman Thursday.

During the Monday meeting, the director of the Foreign Ministry’s third department of Western Europe expressed regret about the unfounded accusation by the British top diplomat, and said, “These hasty, contradictory remarks made without any evidence or proof are rejected and strongly condemned.”

“This is not the first time Britain levels hasty and unsubstantiated accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran. This country [Britain] had in some instances in the past also accused Iran of actions that were never proven and no proof or evidence was presented to support them.”

The Iranian official also underlined Iran’s efforts to ensure and strengthen security in the Persian Gulf, stressing that Tehran considers the waterway a secure route for the innocent passage of vessels.
“The source of instability in the Persian Gulf is not Iran; it is rather the presence of warships and military forces of countries from outside the region,” he said.

The Iranian official also warned against any adventurism by the occupying regime of Israel or others in the region. He said Iran’s definite policy is defending itself and giving a crushing, timely and proportionate response to any act of adventurism.
The British charge d’affaires also pledged to promptly convey the proceedings to London.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab claimed Monday that UK assessments indicate Iran had used a drone to target the tanker. He also vowed a coordinated response to what he called the “unacceptable” attack.

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