Saturday, November 26, 2022

Iran Slams US, UK’s ‘Unconstructive’ Approaches at UNSC

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has lashed out at the US and the UK for adopting ‘unconstructive’ approaches at the United Nation Security Council particularly over the past three years.

In a Tuesday statement, the spokesman referred to the unanimous approval of the Russian-drafted resolution at the UN Security Council which extended the mission of the UN Panel of Experts on Yemen for another year, saying, “As expected, an earlier resolution proposed by the UK was blocked because of being far from reality.”

“With no tangible achievement for its sponsors, the UK-drafted resolution turned into another setback, particularly for the US, at the UN and the international arena,” he noted.

Qassemi then expressed his deep concern over the continuation of war in Yemen as well as the relentless attacks on the ‘oppressed Yemenis’ and added, “Unfortunately, the Saudi-led coalition’s war on the Muslim country is dragging into its third year.”

He then called for a resolute move by the international community to stop the violence of foreign troops in Yemen and the massacre of thousands of innocent Yemenis.

Qassemi blamed certain states including the US and the UK for playing a destructive role in Yemen by contributing to the crisis and instability in the region through providing the Saudi-led coalition with modern weapons and enriching their arsenals.

“These countries are responsible for protecting defenceless Yemeni women and children who are prone to a humanitarian catastrophe due to the destructive war imposed on them,” he said.

Qassemi referred to the ‘wrong policies’ of some states at the UN Security Council and said, “Over the past three years, the US and the UK’s approaches at the UNSC have been unconstructive and replete with mistakes.”

The spokesman underlined that instead of taking advantage of the UNSC as an international mechanism to resolve the conflict, the US and the UK use it merely to legitimize the aggressions and covering the war crimes committed in Yemen.

Qassemi then dismissed as “misleading” the stances and behaviours of the US, the UK and France – the main sponsors of the resolution rejected at the UNSC – and said such approaches show they are trying to evade their responsibility.

“As the main sponsors and suppliers of deadly arms for the aggressors, these countries play a leading role in the continuation of Saudi Arabia’s military violence in Yemen.”

Instead of cutting their arms sales to the aggressors and being accountable to the international community, these countries have turned into prosecutors blaming others for the crimes, he added.

“These countries pin the blame on others for the crimes committed against the oppressed nation of Yemen and hide their all-out and unconditional support for the aggressors,” he concluded.

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