Sunday, March 3, 2024

Iran slams US for voting against human rights-related UN resolutions

A senior official with Iran’s Judiciary has slammed the United States for voting against two resolutions related to human rights at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

In tweets on Friday, Kazem Gharibabadi, the Judiciary chief’s deputy and secretary general of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights, said the US voted ‘No’ to two important UNGA resolutions in support of the right to food and in condemnation of racism.

“Bad news for human rights,” wrote the Iranian rights official.

One of the documents, he said was a “resolution on condemning all forms of racism. The US and Ukraine voted against, 49 abstained and 130 in favor. This resolution is proposed since 2015 and the US has voted against it every time.”

The resolution, which was adopted on December 16, had been proposed by Russia and 30 other states to condemn all kinds of racist practices, including Nazism and neo-Nazism.
Gharibabadi said the other resolution, which was adopted on the same day, concerned the right to food, “reaffirming that hunger constitutes an outrage and a violation of human dignity, requiring the adoption of urgent measures at different levels for its elimination, with a vote of 186 in favor, 2 against (Israel, US), with no abstentions.”

The resolution expressed concern that the effects created by the world food crisis continued to have serious consequences for the poorest and most vulnerable people.

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