Monday, June 17, 2024

UN experts urge all member states to recognize Palestinian statehood

A group of UN experts have called on all nations to follow the example of 146 member states and recognize Palestinian statehood.

“This recognition is an important acknowledgment of the rights of the Palestinian people and their struggles and suffering towards freedom and independence,” the experts said in a statement on Monday.

They stressed that Palestine must be able to enjoy full self-determination, including the “ability to exist, determine its destiny, and develop freely as a people with safety and security”.

“This is a pre-condition for lasting peace in Palestine and the entire Middle East,” they stressed, adding that it begins with an immediate declaration of a cease-fire in Gaza and no further military incursions into Rafah.

The experts welcomed recent recognitions of Palestinian statehood by Norway, Ireland, and Spain.

“Even though the prospect of lasting peace and an end to occupation has remained elusive since the Oslo Accords more than 30 years ago, a political solution should not be considered foregone,” they said.

“A two-state solution remains the only internationally agreed path to peace and security for both Palestine and Israel and a way out of generational cycles of violence and resentment,” the experts added.

They also urged states to “refrain from threats and attacks against the ICC (International Criminal Court) and the ICJ (International Court of Justice)”, emphasizing that these courts must operate without foreign interference to uphold global justice and accountability for all victims of the conflict.

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