Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Iran slams resumption of Israeli raids on Gaza

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman has blasted the Israeli regime for resuming its “US- atrocities against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on Friday after a temporary truce. 

Nasser Kanaani took to X social media platform, writing, “After killing over 15,000 Palestinians, the Zionist vampires have started a new round of killing under the continued support by the US government.”

“Breaching the truce and resuming the military aggression by the Zionist regime against Gaza minutes before the departure of US Secretary of State (Antony) Blinken from the occupied territories; and again, civilians, women and children, are the main victims of the Zionist military’s criminal attacks,” the spokesperson continued.

Israel launched a new round of assault on 2.3 million Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip earlier on Friday after a days-long pause, drawing condemnation from around the world.

“Nations and the vast majority of the states in the world are crying out for the continuation of the ceasefire and a complete stop to the Zionist regime’s attacks against Gaza and the West Bank in Palestine,” Kanaani wrote, adding, “the criminal and child-killing Zionists seek victory in the absurd dream of making up for the irreparable defeat by killing civilians, women and children.”

He said, besides the Israeli regime, the US and “a few governments that support the apartheid regime” should be held accountable for the carnage that started on October 7.

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