“Iran Signs Over $40bn Worth of MoUs after Nuclear Deal”

US Push for Economic Collapse of Iran Has Gone Nowhere: VP

Iranian First Vice-President Es’haq Jahangiri says the value of Memoranda of Understanding signed between Tehran and foreign countries after the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal has surpassed $40 billion.

In an address to a meeting in the southwestern province of Fars, Jahangiri said over $30 billion of the MoUs have already turned into inter-banking contracts.

“We need to take more advantages of foreign resources for further investments in Iran to press ahead with our projects,” he said, as quoted in a Farsi report by IRNA.

He cited the JCPOA as an international accord and said, “Unfortunately, instead of helping Iran reap the benefits of the deal, some groups spare no efforts to hamper its implementation.”

He blamed the US for hampering the nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers and said the JCPOA can be used for further development of Iran.

“Our main economic, social, regional and international problems are deeply rooted in politics and we should not waste our time by looking for over-complicated economic and social solutions,” he noted.

He called the Middle East a region filled with “chaos” and added most of the regional problems cannot be resolved without Iran’s contribution.

“Even the US with its deep animosity towards Iran knows it well that to tackle its regional problems it needs to hold talks with Iran,” he added.

He referred to US President Donald Trump’s undiplomatic remarks and behaviours and added the Zionist lobby in the US is seeking to use Trump to inflict blows on Iran.

Jahangiri underlined that Iran is capable of leaving behind regional and international crises by drawing on its human resources and transit capacities.

He called Iran a safe hub for investment and said the enemies can’t hamper Iran’s progress in the region.

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