Saturday, December 2, 2023

Iran Says Helping Afghanistan Contain Huge Blaze on Common Border

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman says Tehran is offering Afghanistan assistance to contain a conflagration caused by the explosion of a gas tanker on Iran-Afghanistan border.

Saeed Khatibzadeh on Saturday said that following an explosion at a gas tanker at the Islam Qala customs post on February 13, 2021 and the ensuing massive blaze there, the governor of Afghanistan’s Herat province contacted the governor of the northeastern Iranian province of Khorasan Razavi province and asked for help to contain the spread of the fire and prevent further harm to the installations as well as people at the border crossing.

“Preliminary arrangements ware made immediately to offer more facilities to the individuals and vehicles engulfed by the blaze in area, and the Iranian consul general in Herat made contacts with authorities in the province, including the provincial governor, to review the dimensions of the incident,” said the spokesman.

“Moreover, in coordination with the [Iranian] Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Border Guard Unit and other relevant institution, the Islam Qala-Dogharoun border post was opened to trucks, vehicles and people fleeing from the blaze to the Iranian border,” he added.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has also adopted measures to help those possibly hurt or wounded, and contacts are underway between relevant officials of both countries in that regard,” Khatibzadeh explained.

“So far, there have been no reports on individuals possibly hurt in the incident, and we have received no word, either, on possible harm to Iranian nationals,” the spokesman noted.

“We hope the blaze will be contained soon with the help of both countries’ officials,” he said.


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