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Iran rejects Argentina’s court ruling on AMIA case as politically-motivated

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani has rejected an anti-Tehran ruling by Argentina’s federal court over the AMIA case, the deadly attack against a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires in 1994, stressing that the ruling was aimed at political purposes.

Kanaani on Wednesday rejected the baseless and unsubstantiated claims in the verdict issued by Argentina’s federal court in connection with the “coverup of the Amia case evidence”.

He condemned the ruling as politically-motivated.
On April 11, Argentina’s highest criminal court blamed Iran for the AMIA bombing and said it was carried out by the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah.

Kanaani stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the takeover the AMIA building bombing case by the court and its final verdict regarding the motivation of those behind it was a clumsy move and devoid of any legal and judicial basis.

He said while the case is in the process of investigation in another court, the issuance of this ruling is a clear sign of an attempt to create another deviation in the course of the inquiry to discover the truth.

Kanaani underscored that this indicates the implementation of a new political project by the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially the Zionist regime.

While noting that the Islamic Republic of Iran has supported any constructive initiative, including the signing of a memorandum of understanding to establish a fact-finding committee, in connection with the AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires over the past thirty years, the spokesperson said unfortunately, the above actions by those who did not want to discover the truth and have always sacrificed the administration of justice for their political and group goals inside Argentina have failed and have produced no results.

He stressed that it is clear to everyone that in recent months, the Zionist regime has been strongly condemned by the public opinion of the world for committing war crimes and the heinous killing of civilians, especially Palestinian children and women, in the Gaza Strip but it has not heeded the views of the international community and the UN Human Rights Council and continues to commit its international crimes, war crimes and genocide, in an insane way.

Kanaani added that the Zionist regime tries to distract the world public opinion from its crimes in various ways.

Kanaani rejected the baseless accusations against Iran and while referring to bilateral diplomatic efforts and calling on the Argentine government and judicial system to make joint efforts with Iran to discover the truth, he warned against any anti-Iranian action by the Zionist regime.

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