Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Iran Ready to React to Any Aggression in Persian Gulf: Commander

A senior Iranian commander says the Islamic Republic is observing all movements and is ready for any defensive and aggressive reaction while it also seeks to manage accidents and prevent more conflicts in the region, particularly the Persian Gulf.

Major General Gholam-Ali Rashid, the Commander of IRGC’s Khatam al-Anbiya Central Headquarters, has highlighted the special position of the Persian Gulf region and the Oman Sea in the defence policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Given such a significant position, while incidents and developments should be monitored and managed altogether, we should also be ready to deal with unpredictable events and their impact on the spread of confrontations,” he added, according to a Farsi report by the Fars News Agency.

Speaking on the sidelines of his visit to Makran coasts in south-eastern Iran, he further stressed that Iran’s policy in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea is “defensive-deterrent” through “immersive and active presence.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s policy in the Persian Gulf region is governed by three main principles: active engagement with neighbours, defending the security and stability of the region, and a firm response to the intrusion of trans-regional powers in the region,” noted Rashid.

The top general also emphasised that the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran will defend their interests in the region with authority and will deal with all the provocative and destabilizing behaviours in the region with determination and vigilance.

Khatam al-Anbiya Central Headquarters is the unified combatant command headquarters of Iranian Armed Forces, under direct command of its General Staff. The strategic headquarters is tasked with planning and coordinating joint military operations within the Iranian forces.

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