Thursday, May 30, 2024

President Raisi felicitates Syrian National Day

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi congratulated his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad and the people of the country on the National Day of the Syrian Arab Republic.

In a message on Monday, Raisi congratulated Assad on Syria’s Evacuation Day, the national day commemorating the evacuation of the last French soldier at the end of the French mandate of Syria in April 1946 after Syria’s proclamation of full independence in 1941.

He noted that the global and regional order is shifting in favor of Iran and Syria, two free and independent states that have worked in sincere cooperation and shown historic resistance for years.

Iran’s president also expressed hope that the expansion of relations between the two states in various fields would serve their interests and contribute to the establishment of peace and stability in the region.

In a meeting with Syria’s defense minister in Tehran in January, Raisi described Iran as a true friend of Syria, promising that the Islamic Republic will stand by the Syrian people in the same way that it helped them fight against terrorism during years of war in the Arab country.

The relations between Iran and Syria are strategic as their relations are based upon common beliefs and the spirit of resistance shown by their people, the Iranian president stated.

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