Sunday, December 4, 2022

Iran Produces Cooling Fabrics Using Nanotechnology

An Iranian knowledge-based company has used nanotechnology to produce nylon fabrics that could cool down human body by reflecting infrared radiation.

Nanocomposite fabrics have many useful functions including cooling the skin in summer, transferring the body moisture to the environment, rapidly drying textiles, increasing blood circulation, increasing cheerfulness, decreasing vascular cramps, and eliminating the bad smell of sweat and at the same time allowing the skin to continue its natural breathing.

Tehran Zarnakh Company, as the first Iranian company, has managed to produce nylon fabrics called HEALTEX which could reflect infrared radiations, and thus cool down the body.

This product has received a nano-scale certificate from the Iranian Headquarters of Nanotechnology Development this year. These fabrics can reflect infrared radiations and have the ability to retransmit these radiations into the body.

When the infrared radiation penetrates the skin, it contacts the molecules of protein, collagen, fat and water. By creating micrometric fluctuations, a thermal reaction is created which increases the temperature of the body tissue. As blood vessels expand, circulation increases.

Among other products of Zarnakh Company, one could refer to COOLTEX fabrics, which have the ability to rapidly transfer the body moisture to the environment. The presence of micrometric channels in the cross-sectional area of the fibre results in a faster transfer of moisture to a wider level of tissue; therefore, it can increase the evaporation of moisture from the garment.

The heat required for evaporation is provided by the body, and this results in a feeling of dryness and cooling for the person wearing the cooling garment. These features will not be lost by repeated washing of these fibres.

The nanocomposite antimicrobial fibres are among other products of the company. The antimicrobial particles of these threads directly attack the cell wall of the bacterium and DNA, and reduce the possibility of bacteria spreading. In this way, they prevent the creation of odor.

For a brief review of Iran’s achievements in various fields of science and technology, check the book “Science and Technology in Iran: A Brief Review

No similar garment is being produced in Iran, and just some prominent companies of the advanced countries are active in this field. Therefore, there seems to be a good market for this product now and in the future.

Zarankh Corporation is a nano-based company participating in the 2018 International Nanotechnology Exhibition, which is currently underway in Tehran and will be open to visitors until October 16.

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