Iran Pays No Heed to Pompeo’s Words in His Last Days in Office: Spokesman

Iran says it does not care about the "hollow" rhetoric of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as his days in office are numbered.

Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei said the White House has, so far, failed to accept this defeat due to their vanity and short-mindedness.

Rabiei made the comment in response to remarks by a reporter who quoted Pompeo as saying that the “maximum pressure” policy against Iran has been successful, and that all options remain on the table.

The spokesman also described Pompeo as “the worst secretary of state in the United States’ history.”

“Of course, if the ‘maximum pressure’ policy and unprecedented sanctions have been aimed at affecting our people’s livelihoods and impeding their access to medicines and food and creating troubles for Iranians across the world by cutting them off from the international financial network, or if they wanted to make our people believe that ruthless and merciless US leaders have been more successful, I should say that they succeeded in achieving those objectives,” he said.

Rabiei noted “this bankrupt US administration” should be reminded that it has no option left on the table and they have reached a deadend.

“The reality is that the days of these failed policies and those behind them are numbered, and we don’t care about their hollow rhetoric,” he noted.

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