Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Iran’s Nour News denies Tehran’s participation in drone production inside Russia

Nour News, an Iranian media outlet affiliated with the country’s Supreme National Security Council says that Iran is not participating in any venture, be it independently or jointly, for the production of drones in Russia.

Nour News has said on its Twitter account that the reports of Western media outlets about this are a sheer lie.

The media outlet of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council said Western strategists had better find more believable excuses for the continuation of the war of attrition in Ukraine.

Western governments have repeatedly also accused Iran of providing drones for Russia to be used against Ukraine.

Iran strongly denies this and says it gave a number of unmanned aircraft to Russia long before the Ukraine war.

Tehran has also said it is opposed to war anywhere in the world and that it respects Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

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