Sunday, March 3, 2024

Iran knowkedge-based companies involved in developing missiles

The Iranian Army’s Spokesman has said Iran’s Heydar 1 and Heydar 2 missiles that are capable of being carried by drones are completely homegrown and have been built by Iranian knowledge-based companies.

Amir Taghikhani said Heydar 1 projectiles are carried by huge drones and can hit targets at a range of 200 kilometers.

He added that Heydar 2 also has a range of hundreds of kilometers.

The Army’s spokesman said these weapons caution the enemies against any foolish move aimed at the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Taghikhani underlined that today, hybrid war techniques have given drones a special place and as a result, UAVs conduct missions in accordance with the needs of the ground, sea and air forces.

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