Monday, December 11, 2023

Iran judiciary body condemns latest report by UN Human Rights Rapporteur

The Iranian Judiciary’s High Council for Human Rights has issued a statement denouncing the latest report by the UN Special Human Rights Rapporteur on Iran.

“The High Council for Human Rights rejects and strongly condemns the report by Javid Rehman on the human rights situation in Iran for failing to take into account facts on the ground and being based on an unprofessional, unfair and politicized approach. Today, exploitation of human rights as a tool by western countries and the US is clear to the people of the world and people of the world consider such political behavior the real violation of human rights,” the council said. 

The council added that western countries, which funded the former Iraqi regime’s war on the Iranian people and armed it with chemical and other weapons, killing and injuring numerous Iranians, cannot lay any claim to be champions of human rights. 

The council said this is specially the case for Canada amid the revelations about murders of innocent indigenous children, who were buried in mass graves. 

The council also touched on the “illegal and inhuman” sanctions by the US, which “have jeopardized the health of children, women and men, who are in need of medicine and medical care”. It said the rapporteur’s failure to address such “blatant violations of human rights” by the US is a source of deep regret. 

It added that Rehman’s latest report is based on speculation and information fabricated by terrorist anti-Iranian groups, and shows the “lack of goodwill” and “insincerity” of the rapporteur   

“Unfortunately, he [the rapporteur] engages in leveling false accusations and presenting false information so his latest report is legally null and void,” the council stressed.

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