Monday, December 5, 2022

Iran, Iraq Urge Muslim World to Stop Israeli Aggression on Palestine

Iranian and Iraqi presidents have called on the Muslim world to join hands and put an end to Tel Aviv’s brutality against Palestine.

In a phone conversation with his Iraqi counterpart on Monday, President Rouhani referred to the brutal attacks of the Israeli regime on Gaza, underlining that these aggressions continue every day, and it is imperative for Muslim countries to become more active in this regard to prevent more aggressions by this regime.

He also pointed to the US policies in the region, and emphasised all the countries of the region must understand the current sensitive conditions and, together with each other, stop US bullying in order to create instability in the region.

“These destabilising US moves in the region would undoubtedly harm the people of the region and even the Americans,” Rouhani told Barham Salih.

Elsewhere in his statements, Rouhani maintained that Tehran is looking forward to deepening friendly relations [with Iraq].

Congratulating the Iraqi President, government and nation on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, President Rouhani highlighted that “the two countries have similar views on the most sensitive regional and international issues, and I hope we can see the progress of the region and the closer relations between the two friendly countries of Iran and Iraq in light of cooperation and collaborations.”

In turn, the Iraqi president expressed congratulations to President Rouhani, the Iranian government and nation on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan saying that the relations between Iran and Iraq are based on the solid historical and cultural foundations and the common interests of the two nations, and Baghdad is determined to develop these relationships.

Salih called the current situation in the region alarming and added that “We have repeatedly expressed our positions on the issues of the region. Iraq is against any tension in the region and never accepts the neighbouring Muslim and brotherly people of Iran suffer any harm.”

The Iraqi president said Iran and Iraq are of the same position regarding the Palestinian issue, stating that “Our duty as leaders of the Muslim countries is to help the oppressed Palestinian people to put an end to the Israeli aggressions.”

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