Friday, February 23, 2024

Iran’s intelligence ministry says arrested members of MKO’s funding cell

The Iranian intelligence ministry says it has arrested the members of a cell that was funding and providing equipment for the Mojahedin-e-Khalq terrorist group.

The intelligence ministry in a statement described the cell as the biggest network involved in financial and technical support of the MKO.

The statement added that 6 members of the cell were captured while a manhunt has started to arrest the remaining members of the network.

According to the intelligence ministry, the wide network was responsible for transferring money from abroad with sophisticated money laundering techniques.

It also provided hardware for the operational teams of the MKO.

The statement identified the leader of the cell as Alimohammad Dolati, whose father Gholam Hossein Dolati is a key member of the MKO and has offices in the UAE and the Netherlands.

The statement says, Alimohammad Dolati worked with other members of the network in Albania, the UAE and the Netherlands to finance the terror group and do logistic operations for them.

The intelligence ministry noted that one of the detainees is the father of an operational member of the MKO who was arrested nearly 3 years ago.

The arrest drew an outcry from foreign supporters of the terrorist group because he was linked to a prestigious industrial university of Iran.

The MKO is responsible for the killing of thousands of Iranians since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Those killed by the MKO include a president, his prime minister and many other high-ranking officials.

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